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Another good weekend for Scottish music.

Roddy Woomble on Friday at the Tolbooth in Stirling which was my 2nd seated gig in less than a week, I’m starting to feel old. Missed the first 10 minutes due to scotrails complete inability to run to their advertised timetable but the quality of the performance made up for this minor setback. I felt that the interaction between Roddy and the crowd was terribly vague however, there could have been more of an explanation with regards to the songs from his new album. Roddy has a way with words and it would have been good to hear him put that skill to use outwith his singer/songwriter persona. Still, that aside, it was a very good performance. One that was granted not 1 but 2 encores. Normally I’d say that this is a bit of an overkill but in this situation it was masterfully applied. The highlight was the acoustic version of You Held The World In Your Arms. Very stripped back which for me helped put the lyrics in perspective.

On Saturday I was out in Edinburgh for a friends birthday. After being turned away from all pubs other than opium - due to the fact there was a large group of us and not because we were drunk - I took it upon myself to jump in a rickshaw and head to The Electric Circus to see a few bands. First band being Easy Tigers an Edinburgh based collective with a shared interest in music and, in particularly, Ryan Adams which you may have guessed from the name. This shines through in their performance. However, do not be decieved by this, Easy Tigers merit praise in their own rights. As musicians they are an incredibly talented band and Craig Ross is one of the finest songwriters I’ve come to know.

The Little Kicks for me are 1 of the best bands to come out of the Edinburgh music scene in the last 2 years. I realise that this is an incredibly bold statement to lay claim to but I genuinely cannot remember the last time I got as excited about a live performance as I have the last 2 times I’ve seen these guys play. I can remember seeing them play at the Glasgow Barfly with The Apple Scruffs a good 4 or 5 years ago but that was a while ago and if I’m being honest I probably spent more time standing at the bar or chatting to girls to have paid enough attention. They were definitely worthy of my attention last night though. Vocalist Steven Milne has an incredible voice that is very well suited to the catchy melodies. Bright indie-pop laden with hooks guaranteed to get you dancing. Don’t pass up on any chance to see these guys live. You’ll only regret it.

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